Thursday, October 8, 2009

Been a while...

I'm not keeping my promise to keep up my blog. I'm a slacker. But at least I'm a slacker with a nice set of kittens.

I have fitted quite a few women since my last post. I have met 1 who was wearing the right size. Another had a bra that fit, but we both agreed it was sized oddly.

I will make this a short post today. My head is full and clouded.

Anyone who says they don't like underwires, do me a favor and try one, just one, in the correct size. See if wearing the right size of underwire makes a difference. There are women out there who simply cannot wear them, like my mom, but most women can. If you have a very short torso, like mom, underwires can cause a problem. But even my mom was willing to try on a couple underwire bras in her size.

Just try. Just one. Please? The right size makes a world of difference.