Friday, March 19, 2010

Bra Review: Enell Sports Bra

I got a new sports bra! It's made by Enell and I am liking it. I'll do some pros and cons and then a general write up.

-designed to support larger breasts
-wide, sturdy band that doesn't roll or shift
-hooks in front, not back, leaving a smooth back for those of you who do pilates and such
-moisture wicking material
-full coverage
-high impact support!!!

-straps are not adjustable
-all the hooks in front are a little awkward to get at first; it takes practice
-they are not pretty bras, in fact they kind of look like armor
-they have their own size chart, so if you're in between sizes on their chart (like me) you definitely have to try it on
-limited color selection (ok with me as I usually just get black)

As stated above, they have their own sizing system. On their chart, I need a 2 for my band measurement and a 3 for my bust. I tried on both sizes and the 2 definitely fit better.

These bras are super-structured. They have hook-and-eye closure all up the front. You look and feel like you are putting on armor. BUT, when I went running this morning in my new bra, it felt great! Minimal bounce, no shifting, and the band stayed in place.

The hooking in front instead of back has me considering this bra for my pilates workouts, too. If you have ever done Rolling Like A Ball with a hook-in-back bra, you should know what I mean. All the pilates instructors (on my videos) say this move massages the spine, but I don't find it very massaging when I have those hooks right on my spine. The Enell is smooth in back. It basically looks like a cropped vest.

Hmmmm, maybe I could add coins, trim, and some shiny to make a belly dancing top! It would take a lot to cover it all up though.

All in all, I like this bra more than I thought I would. I am not too worried about the lack of pretty because I'm excited that it has such great support.

I'm headed back to KS in a couple weeks and plan to stop at my favorite bra store there. If I don't find another sports bra there, I will probably pick up a second Enell. Might look online to see if I can find one on sale or in a fashion color.

The Holy Fit

As I watch my favorite UK cook (Gordon Ramsay) I was checking out my favorite UK bra brands. On Freya's website, I found a link to The Holy Fit. I want everyone who reads this to check out their fit video. This woman tells you and shows you the basics of a good fit. And she has a great accent. They use an extreme sizing case for their example (as in extremely wrong), but I like it all the same. While you're there, check out the cool tshirts and decide which one you want to buy for me for my birthday!


Alrighty. I've been horrible about keeping up with this blog. I'm going to work on that.

I am no longer selling bras, but I still want to help everyone find bras that fit properly. Anyone can email me (or call if you know me) for advice or tips. If you are in my area, I will even go shopping with you.

To make up for the lack of updates, I will do a couple posts today.