Monday, October 3, 2011

October: Save the Boobies Month

October, as I'm sure you know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have a blog dedicated to boobs and bras, so I felt I should have a post about this. It probably isn't what you expect.

I would like to ask a favor. Instead of wearing pink, or doing silly memes on facebook, consider learning. Learn about cancer. Not just breast cancer, but all cancers.

We have tons of media coverage for breast cancer. We have a certain foundation shoving their brand of pink cures down our throats. Save the Tatas, Save the Boobies, yada yada. And they have come so amazingly far in finding and treating breast cancer.

Now let's do the same for other cancers. Let's push to make similar strides for lung cancer, for skin cancer, for bone cancer, and all those other cancers out there.

I am not belittling breast cancer, or anyone who has/has had breast cancer. My grandmother and great aunt are both breast cancer survivors. Another great aunt survived breast cancer to die from emphysema (at least I think that's what it was). My best friend's mom is a breast cancer survivor. I am at risk for breast cancer myself, having it on both sides of the family. No, I do not do self breast exams like I know I should. They seem to take forever on my big boobs.

But sometimes I feel like breast cancer is overshadowing other cancers. We see pink everywhere, we see so many products that will donate to breast cancer research. Even cat food. Yes, you can buy specially marked bags of cat food that will donate to breast cancer research. Um, hello? Wouldn't it make more sense for cat food to donate profits to animal cancer research? Talk about a cause that needs it. Many people don't even realize that animals can get cancer.

See what I mean?

So if you would like to donate something for breast cancer awareness month, I ask that you donate to the American Cancer Society. They have many great programs that help victims of all cancers, including breast cancer. They fund research for all cancers. I know my local ACS has an event this month, Making Strides, that will benefit their local programs that help breast cancer patients.

If you or a loved one has cancer, visit ACS. They have resources that can help both patients and caregivers. It's worth a visit.

*I do not work for ACS. They do not pay me anything or give me anything. I have been a supporter of Relay For Life for years, and have volunteered in my local ACS office. I believe in what they do. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Cami Secret

I have a little black dress that I LOVE, but it shows a little too much (a lot of) cleavage for some situations. Like the event I'm attending in 2 days. I tried my shaping slip, but this dress has a keyhole back, and the slip showed in the back. That meant real camis wouldn't work.

I desperately purchased the Cami Secret (yes, the one with the HORRID commercial) and brought it home to see if it would work. I've always had serious doubts about this product, but I was a little desperate.

I bought the pack with black, nude, and white. Only cost about $10. Price wise, that can't be beat.

The first thing I noticed when I snapped it to my bra is that it barely stretched across my expansive bosom. I'm also very short on the top half, so the moving up and down bit didn't really work for me. There was really only one position that didn't noticeably stretch the top strip of lace.

Then I put the dress on, and everything I feared, happened. If I bounced at all, which happens a lot with big boobs, the fabric of the Cami Secret wrinkled and moved out of place. Didn't look good. I tried tucking the bottom of it under my bra band to hold it down. That made the middle of it cave in a bit between my breasts. Didn't look good. Next I pinned the bottom of it to the dress itself. Wouldn't lay flat and didn't look good. I finally pinned the whole thing straight to the dress, but it still just wouldn't lay right over my breasts. I could not find a way to make this silly little piece of fabric lay right on my bosom.

Am I just being too picky? That obvious fold there bothered me a lot. It happened no matter what I tried.

I folded them back into the package and will be returning them.

My sister knows a girl who uses them and loves them. She has smaller breasts than me. If you are smaller than me, please try them out for yourself and let me know!

I searched the internet and found Chickies Cleavage Coverage, which is kind of like a cropped, backless cami. I think this would work so much better for large breasts. The back sits at the level of the bra band, and the front covers more like an actual tank top. However, they are so popular that the website is backlogged. No way I could get one in time for Thursday. Also a little pricey.

I ended up buying a new little black dress. It shows a little cleavage, but not nearly as much my other dress. It's cute, while my other dress is more sexy. I think it will work well. I've found that I really need to shop in the Petite sizes for dresses and tops. I had a much easier time in the dressing room when I stuck to petite styles.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A DD Is Not As Big As You Think

During my vacation, I gave a bunch of fittings to a family. In total, 3 pre-teens, 2 teens, and 4 women. I must say here that my good friend Alison was wearing the right size. Yay! Her bra was starting to wear out but still fit her very well. 

So, I gave the girls fittings. They were all wearing at least 1 band size too big, and at least 1 was wearing too small of a cup. 

The oldest of the girls measured at a 34DD. She seemed a little horrified at that. But actually, she was very proportionate. She had just enough hip to balance out the bust. 

So when did a DD become "OMG freaking HUGE" instead of just 5 inches? What's that? Yeah. A DD cup is a difference of 5 inches. That's not even half a foot. 

So this post was inspired by that beaufitul, tall, 15-year-old 34DD.  I want her to know that her size isn't huge, it isn't even that big or uncommon. I want her to know that, with the right bra, her breasts will be comfortable, which in turn will make her comfortable with them. If she's not constantly readjusting her bra, she won't draw undue attention to her chest. And, if she is comfortable, it's easier to be confident, which is truly beautiful. 

The right bra will show off her slender, long waist. It will keep her breasts contained and secure (no wardrobe malfunctions). She won't have to worry about embarrassing bulges or uncomfortable poking. And my dearest hope is that she will never hate her breasts the way I once did. 

I hated these horrible things attached to me that caused nothing buy pain and embarrassment. And then I found a comfortable bra in the correct size. My breasts weren't painful anymore. They didn't embarrass me. In fact, I am quite proud of my breasts now. I love my 34Gs (in UK sizing, 34I according to most US size charts). I hope that this gorgeous teenager can learn to love her body as it is. I hope that, with the right bra, she won't be so conscience of her breasts, and will let her talent and intellect shine. And she is a very smart, very talented young woman. Besides, not constantly worrying about your boobs will make anyone's day a little easier. 

So next time you fall into the "OMG they are so HUGE" frame of mind, stop and count to 5. If they're a DD/E. 5 inches isn't that big. Especially next to me ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sports Bras

Oh, sports bras. I had a request for a sports bra post.

Sports bras are a world of their own. Many even use a S/M/L sizing. And it's very hard to find sports bras for anything higher than a DD cup.

There are 2 kinds of sports bras. I have both. Both kinds use compression to control breast movement. It's how the approach compression that makes them different.

A Compression bra is what we usually think of, the one that gives the horrid uni-boob look and just smooshes everything down. Compression has it's place when done correctly. One company I highly recommend that uses this is Enell. I wear an Enell bra for running. It's not the prettiest, but I don't care much about pretty when I'm working out. I just want to lose the bounce.

The other type is an Encapsulated bra. This means each breast is compressed separately. You'll see this much more in the higher cup sizes, and often with an underwire. (Underwires in sports bras are personal preference. I personally refuse to have an underwire in my sports bra.) My encapsulated sports bra is from Freya Active. Some "encapsulated" bras really make you wonder if they are truly working with your breasts individually, or just trying to have less of a uni-boob look.

As for sizing and fit, this is where sports bras are special. A sports bra just fits differently. The band should definitely be snug, but not to the point of pinching or cutting off blood flow. The cup(s) should firmly hold your breasts. You may find that you have to go up a band size in some sports bras, because companies know the bra should fit snuggly (and make them too snug). I actually tend to get compression bras a cup size or two smaller than I measure, which really smooshes those puppies down. I'm comfortable doing this, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyone.

When shopping for sports bras, you first need to think about what activities you want the bra for. I use my Freya Active for walking, bike riding, and other low-impact activities. My Enell is for running and other high impact activities. Just like the activity, your sports bra is low, medium, or high impact. Low impact means it won't give as much support and bounce-reduction, while high impact means lots of support and bounce-reduction. You may find it easier to have different sports bras for different activities, like I did. Some bras won't specify their impact level, but take a good look at the material and structure, and I bet you can figure it out.

So try on a sports bra, and once it's on, jump around, move around, bend, twist, go crazy in that dressing room. If you want to run in your bra, run in place. If you want to do yoga, do a few moves (and make sure you don't fall out).

Another aspect of sports bras is their lack of adjustability. (Is that a word? I'll have to look it up.) As I'm sure you know, most sports bras we know are a pull-on style. There are more and more styles now that offer adjustable straps or even adjustable hook closures. This is another reason to TRY IT ON. Make sure it's going to fit before you drop the money.

As for brands and where to shop? Hell, they're everywhere! I've heard good things about the Champion sports bras at Target for women up to a DD cup. I have shopped in a Title Nine store and found decent bras at good prices. Title Nine also has barbell ratings for their bras, to tell you their impact rating, and has more options for bigger chests. There are lots of places to find sports bras. You'll find lycra/cotton blends, bras with molded cups, moisture wicking, and all kinds of new techy things in today's sports bras. You have to find what works for you.

I hope this helps. Sports bras can be tricky. I'm currently debating whether to get another Enell or try the ShockAbsorber brand, which I would have to order online.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Go Fit Yourself

I can't believe it, but I never did a post about how to find your size! Holy crap something must be wrong with me. So, here's the article I wrote about it. It's online somewhere but not published anywhere. Oh, and my fit tips are for underwires. A soft cup bra will not sit flat against the chest in the center. Enjoy!

How to Fit Yourself in a Bra

Most women have seen the articles, websites, advice, tips, etc. on how to fit a bra and how a bra should fit. I know, it can be confusing. You may be like I was, thinking some of those bra "tips" are more myth than fact. I was wrong, and now I want to keep other women from making the same fitting mistakes I did.


Let's start with how to find your size. You can find the same advice all over the internet, with one variance - the band measurement.

First, you will need some tools - a soft tape measure (not the metal kind you use in the garage), your most comfortable bra, a pad and paper, and a friend. You can do this on your own, but having a friend makes it easier and can give more accurate measurements.

Step 1 - Wearing your comfy bra, take your band measurement. The tape measure should lie flat against your ribcage, just under your breasts where the band is. This is where your friend comes in. She (or he) can see the numbers better and make sure the tape is horizontal around your torso. Write down your measurement.

Now this is where different sites and people will differ. Some say to add 3 inches, or even 5 inches to the measurement you just got around your torso. I say, take the number you have. If it's an odd number, round up. There is no need to add inches to get your band size. For example, I measure a 33 around my rib cage, and wear a 34 band.

Step 2 - Time to measure your bust. This is the hardest part to do on your own. The tape measure should rest on the fullest part of your bust, over the bra. This is often right over the nipples. Again, it should stay horizontal around your torso. Write down your measurement. To continue my example, my bust measurement is about 43 inches.

Step 3 - Time for math. Subtract your band number from your bust number. This will tell you your general cup size. It's pretty simple. For each inch difference, you go up a cup size. Start at A for 1 inch. My bust measurement, 43, minus my band measurement of 34, is a difference of 9 inches.

Now it gets tricky. You may look at a size chart on a website and say, "Wow, a 9 inch difference is an I/DDDDDD/G/H/FF cup!" Different sites cater to different brands, and there is no standard. US brands offten can't seem to get past the letter D. They will just add more Ds to make bigger sizes. Some European brands just follow a nice straight alphabet. In the UK, they have a different chart: A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, and on from there. That is, most UK brands.

You see, there is no standard for labeling bra sizes. According to the UK cup sizes, I am a G cup. This holds true for most UK brands.

Let's try another. Say we have a young woman who measures a 32 band and 36 bust. With a difference of 4 inches, this puts her at a D cup. A nice round D that has the same place on all cup charts.


We got a base size to start with. That's right, you went through all that measuring and math and confusion for a starting point. Not all bras are the same. Since I make such a great example, let's continue. I wear my measured size, 34G, in my favorite UK brand. In other brands I wear a 34H (they didn't have the GG), or a 34FF. Bands can also differ sometimes, depending on brand and material. Strapless bras are often made with sturdier fabrics, and you may find yourself going up a band size. It can be frustrating, but I highly recommend trying on a bra before purchase. Most store clerks are familiar with the products they carry and can help you find a decent fit.

What about sports bras? We'll save that for another time. They can be an entirely different story with factors such as fabric, level of support, and compression versus separation.


Now that you are in the dressing room, how do you know if the bra actually fits? Fortunately, I've never seen anyone disagree on these points. First and foremost, the bra should be comfortable. Never settle for an uncomfortable bra, no matter how pretty it is.

The band should fit snuggly, and rest horizontally around your torso. If the band starts to ride up in the back, it's too big. If the band pinches, it's too small. You should be able to easily slide 1 or 2 fingers under the band. Remember that 90% of your support comes from the band, so it needs to fit, preferrably on the loosest hook.

The cups should do as their name says, cup the breast. Once you have the bra on, lean forward and wiggle the bra into place. You may need to actually lift the breast into the cup - just scoop up the breast in one hand and set it into the cup. Now test it. Bounce, jump, and jiggle. Lift up your arms. Do you see breast peeking out anywhere? Check the sides, the tops, and under the band. If you see breast peeking out, go up a cup size. If you see wrinkling fabric, loose fabric, any extra fabric, try going down a cup size.

The straps are only 10% of your support. If they fall off your shoulder, tighten them. These shouldn't pinch or put undo pressure on your shoulders.

The center of the bra, where the cups meet, should rest flat against your chest. I used to think this was just a myth until I started wearing a G cup. A little bit of space, about 1 finger, is ok, but the center should touch your chest. If the center is farther away from your chest, you need a larger cup size.


Women should not be afraid to get a professional fitting. They may know some tips or tricks that you haven't learned yet. Some department stores have fitters in their lingerie departments. You can also now host your own bra party in your home. Have your girlfriends over, take turns being professionally fitted, and even order bras from someone who knows how to fit you into the brands they are selling.

There are many online sites selling bras as well, but be careful of their return policies. Many people will order a couple sizes and try to return the ones that don't fit, so make sure you fully understand the return policy before ordering, or you could be stuck wtih the same bra in multiple sizes.

If you are having trouble finding your size in stores, don't give up! This is also where a professional can help. Ask around, look online, and you will find your size. Please, do not settle for the wrong size of bra! Your chest will thank you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Bra Stores, 1 Bra

Alrighty, so I made it to my 3 bra stores in Denver.

First stop was Le Soutien. Cute little store in Cherry Creek. I followed an elderly lady in and listened a little as she talked bras. How great to see an elderly woman that was properly fitted! She lifted up her shirt right there in the store to show the lady the one she had on. The sales lady helping her did mention that they only carry wired bras in the store, but will special order for anyone.

Meanwhile, I was fitted by the owner, Sharon. Lovely lady. I told her my size and she grabbed some of the store favorites and had me try them on. She left the room while I put on each bra and then came in. I can see how some women would LOVE this, but I'm not shy about my boobs and would have been just fine with her staying in the room. They did have a robe hanging in the change room, which was a great idea. I tried on some Prima Donna bras and loved them, but it's hard to spend $150 on a bra when I have enough as it is. Sharon did tell me that she thinks the 34 is just a little tight on me, but also said that I would know best what works for me, and if I want a 34 I can have a 34. I liked that.

Selection wise, they only have beautiful bras. Prima Donna, Chantelle, Conturelle, some Freya. Pricey, all pricey. But they do have the whole size range, from A on up.

Just 2 blocks away was SOL (Store of Lingerie). Very young, very hip, trendy colors. I didn't try anything on, because it was all the same. Really, same brands that Le Soutien had, and same idea. Cute, pretty bras. What made SOL stand out was their great pajama selection. Cute adorable PJs, and lots of tank top styles with a shelf bra. I've been thinking of getting some PJs like that. Still thinking about it. They're pricey. Yes, SOL was also pricey. Oh, they had some fun and sexy stockings and tights as well. Definitely a slightly younger target market.

Finally a drove a little ways away to Treva's. That's tree-va. She was there. When I said I was just looking they said great! Let us know if you need help! So I browsed. This store had the older target market. Treva her self is older, and her sales clerk was older as well. By older, I mean probably about as old as my Grandmother.

Treva's, though, carries soft cup bras. Yes! The selection is very basic, all white, beige, and black, but the one thing that makes Treva's special is one little section of the store. They stock a good range of sizes in mastectomy bras and carry breast forms. They accept Medicare and other types of insurance to cover those. They also had hats, scarves, and caps, and other accessories for cancer patients. If you have breast cancer in Denver, please check these ladies out. They even had a tank top with shelf bra that has a pocket for breast forms.

So! Anyway, I tried on a couple soft cup bras. Found a bra by Aviana that fit well and was comfortable. Plus, it didn't give me uniboob! It's not super pretty, but still pretty, and was only $45. That's cheap for me. Plus, as Treva herself rang me up, she threw in a free calendar (2011, but has bra pics) and said I could pick a gift from these 2 baskets. I grabbed a little lingerie bag, since I didn't bring one with me, and might wash some bras.

Now let me tell you about the other shopper that was in there. Good Lord I wanted to shoot her. Or at the very least duct tape her mouth. She did nothing but bitch about her breasts and how she wanted to cut them off and get rid of them. She hated them, she hated bras, she loathed underwires, she snapped at her husband. I was glad when she left. Her husband even asked if the store could order another of the bras that she likes, and she got mad at him! Hello! He's trying to help you! Want to know her size? 44K.

There you have it. My 3 stores and 1 purchase. If you're in Denver, check them out. Just remember that Treva has functional bras, and the others have pretty (and expensive) bras. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making it Work

I bought a dress yesterday, and was surprised when a size Medium fit me.

Today I found out why.

This is apparently how the dress is supposed to fit.

It fits me like an empire waist dress. The elastic waist hits just below my bust. I'm short enough that it still comes down to my knees as well. I think it looks good as an empire waist. My 2 friends said so as well. My sister wasn't so sure. But I bought it. Here's a horrible phone pic in the dressing room.

So this is my new dress that I will wear for my best friend's wedding next month. It's lightweight cotton, so it will work well in the July humidity of Maryland.

Oh yeah, I bought this dress at the Post Exchange. It was $29 there. If you look at the link above, Dillards has the same dress for $69. WHAT? Yeah, that's right. I totally saved $40 on this. I might have to check out the PX more often! One benefit of being an Army Wife.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Denver, Here I Come!

So, I will be spending a few days in Denver next week. I have some friends and family to visit, but that won't take up all of my time, so I looked up 3 bra boutiques: Treva's, Le Soutien, and SOL. I plan to visit all 3 and see how they do, how the selection is, etc. I really could use another softcup/wireless bra. My Anita is rather stretched out already (it's only a year old!). Although from browsing the websites, I don't know that I'll have much luck finding anything without wires at Le Soutien.

I also went back to the Breakout Bras site today and browsed around. Found a lovely wirefree Panache bra that I will consider ordering if I strike out in Denver.

I know, I owe y'all some bra reviews. I'll see about that once I'm back from my vacation. Until then, let me mention that removing the side boning from my full-figure bras was such a blessing. I can now wear my beautiful Olivia comfortably all day long. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Latest Shopping Trip

Late, I know! But I've been very busy since getting home.

So here are my purchases from Intimate Designs -

Freya's Carly, which I actually bought in a 36G and had the band taken in to a 34. They were out of stock in 34Gs. It's heavenly and makes me feel super sexy.

Fantasie's Marie, both the bra and the thong. LOVE this.

From Wacoal, the Retro Chic, a full coverage but sexy bra. I know, I don't like full coverage, but I fell for it. I did figure something out, though. It's the stays! See, a lot of full coverage bras have boning on the sides, under the arms. The bottom end of the boning was starting to dig into my ribs after half a day in the bra. I talked to my mom and she said, "Oh yeah, I have the same problem. I used to just take the boning out." Well DUH! So I snipped and clipped and removed the boning from it's casing. Can now wear the full coverage bra all day comfortably. 

And from Lunaire, the Versaille. Has those side panels in the cups to keep the girls more forward. Not entirely sure how I feel about this bra yet. Once I got home it almost seems a little too small in the cup. It's comfy, though. Hopefully I can lose a little weight and fit into the cups! I did put on 5 pounds over Easter.

I try to do a more specific review of each bra. I'm also thinking of posting pics of real people in bras. As in I put on a bra, take a pic (no face, just the chest) and post it. Sometimes it's nice to see how a bra fits on a real person and not a model (even a busty model). Would that benefit anyone? 

I also plan to go to Dillards and Macy's, since they both carry Lunaire and Wacoal, and see if they actually carry a 34G in the stores. This seems to be the high end of their cup sizing, and I think they fit because the cups are made of stretchy material. We'll get more into that in the individual reviews, though.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Soft Cup Bras

While I wait to find time to tell you about my wonderful shopping trip and the gorgeous bras I bought, I need to rant a moment.

Why can't I find the cute, sexy soft cup bras (like the ones I know Freya makes) available for sale in the US? I've looked in stores and online, but only ever see the Nursing Bra versions. Yeah. Don't need that.

Best example - Freya's Dotty style. The Freya site shows it as a nursing bra and a regular soft cup. I would love to own just the regular soft cup. Yet when I ask about it or look for it, I only find the nursing bra. UGH! I swear, they only make ugly soft cups in my size! Or they expect me to wear a sports bra. Uh uh. No thank you.

I am happy with my purchases, though, and I know at least 1 person will be happy to know I bought 2 bras from American manufacturers. However, I don't usually see these lines in my size in chain stores. Hmmmmmmm. I will do reviews of each bra after I've worn them a couple times, with real pictures. I think some people would appreciate seeing how a bra fits on a real person instead of a photoshopped model. I'm not perfect, and I'm sometimes hard to fit (with my super short torso), so I think I'm a good model for real life.

Closing tip - if you are taking your husband bra shopping with you, remember to bring a book or something to keep him entertained while you try stuff on!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bras and Odd Sizing Policies

I am highly anticipating my upcoming bra shopping! I have been looking at collections online to see what I want. The list is long.

Sites I've been to today:
Panache Brands

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I ADORE Freya and Fantasie bras. I saw a few soft cup styles that I would truly love for those days when my ribs are bugging me. They are cute and wire-free! How can you go wrong?

Then I checked out Panache and saw some of their brand lines. I fell in love with the gorgeous Masquerade line. It's fancy and exotic! Band sizes down to a 28 (not that I will ever be that skinny)! I also saw a new line of theirs for smaller cups, offering lots of lift and cleavage styles, called Atlantis.

Here is where the confusion set in. The Atlantis bras didn't seem to offer many in a band smaller than 32. Yet Masquerade starts at a D cup and has size 28 bands. HUH? My experience shows that girls with small breasts often have a small band measurements as well. Not always, but it is NOT uncommon. So why in the world would your line of AA cups start at a 32?!?

It just doesn't make sense to me. They had some super cute styles, too. It's a shame, really. They offer so many large cup bras with small bands, but can't offer those small bands to girls with small cup sizes. *sigh*

I've had a hit and miss relationship with Panache. I do love their cami top with the built in bra, but I like the shape I get from my other bras better. I feel like the Panache molded cups flatten me somewhat. I love being able to wear a strappy tank without bra straps showing, though. It is ideal for layering!

I will be sure to let you know what purchases I do make, with full reviews to follow!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A friend asked me a bra question. I decided this would make a great blog post. Reposted with her permission!

Question: OK, so new issue in my still bigger than pre baby chest, and I figure by 6 months, without breastfeeding I'm stuck like chuck.
If I don't wear a bra for too long, my back hurts like heck, if I wear one for too long, my ribs hurt. I got measured, the chick said this is the proper fit, does that just happen with larger chests?

(answer behind the jump)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Death of a Bra

One of my bras has kicked the bucket. Sadly, I say goodbye to Lydia. She has served me well over the past year or so.

Last week, her underwire on the right breast popped out in the middle. I was able to perform emergency surgery and keep her alive for a whole week. But, alas, it did not last. The wire made another appearance. I considered surgery again, but remember that her body is not what it once was. While Lydia is the same cut as Deco, the material did not hold up nearly as well. It stretched out much faster and faded where it didn't have protection from the molding material.


Fortunately, I am headed to KS this month and will be making a much needed stop at the Lee's Summit location of Intimate Designs.

I would also like to point out at this time that my black Fantasie 4510 Tshirt bra has seriously lasted me something like 3 years now without stretching out or falling apart. I had the same bra in a fashion color and it died much earlier (much like the Lydia situation). I wear the basics much more often, and thus they get washed more often, but yet they survive forever when the pretties die young.

Here's to you. Lydia. I enjoyed our time together.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Post for the A's of the World

I discovered a website that flat-chested, skinny girls will like. Lula Lu specializes in small cup bras and goes as low as a 30 band. While I would prefer to see a 28 or lower, they do have cup sizes from AAA to B. That's right, AAA, AA, A, and B. This includes some pushup bras, lace bras, tshirt bras, and even a few corsets!

I would NOT recommend following their fit guide. They do an overbust measurement for the band size. *head smack* No, No, No! Please ladies, measure your ribcage. If you can't seem to find a difference between the bust and band measurements, you might try their AA or even AAA styles. If you find A cups gapping on you, try their smaller sizes. I do know some women who could greatly benefit from this site.

So there we have it! My first post for small boobs!

Check out this bra, a sexy bra that comes in a AAA cup!

2 things I would recommend for this site are to include smaller bands, and make sure those smaller bands come in the smaller cups! Oh make it 3 and change their sizing.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Clothes Post

I've spent my morning checking out hourglassy, another blog for us big chested women. She has some awesome info and links, including this one: AJ Rumina. AJ Rumina makes tops and 1 dress for busty women. Sure other places do this, too, but their button up shirt is only $34.99!! ZOMG that is amazing!

I told my husband about it (he's used to me ranting about boobs), and that I thought I would get one. He said, "ok." Real enthusiastic, I know. He really does get it, though.

And since I'm talking about clothes, I bought a new formal last week. It has some lacing on the back, making it more adjustable for large busts like mine. I highly recommend lacing for large chested women on formal dresses. It allowed me to get a dress that hugs my curves on the rest of me but fits very well over my girls. It is strapless, but I'm ok with that. With my tiny torso, straps are always too long, so I've learned to love the strapless dress. Of course, I have an amazing strapless bra from Fantasie to keep the girls up where they belong.

So check out the links and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Being Athletic With Big Boobs

So this is more of a rant, I guess.

If you read this, you know I have big boobs. I was lucky enough to find the Enell sports bra for my running, and the Freya Active for lower impact activities.

Now my husband and I are wanting to try a triathlon. Currently, I have different bras for bicycling and running, and a one-piece speedo for swimming that barely fit my boobs into it. I've been looking around online for ideas of what triathletes with big boobs wear. Turns out they usually just do the swim in a sports bra.

Then my head goes nuts thinking of the damage that the chlorine would do to my expensive Enell bra. And how impossibly long it would take for that double layered bra to dry out. But what is the chance that I will find another sports bra I can run in as comfortably as my Enell?

I did see a recommendation for a swim/bra top from Shock Absorber, a UK brand that can be ordered in the US through Figleaves. However, a top made for swimming is likely not going to offer the support for running. And changing bras takes longer when the girls are big like mine.

I am interested in trying a shock absorber sports bra. They make one specifically for running. Thing is, with as crazy as my body is, I want to try it on first. But I don't think anyone stocks it state-side yet. I might have to make an inquiry with my favorite bra shop back in Missouri.

There are some other sports bras out there for a G cup, but they have underwires, and I just don't believe in underwires in my sports bras. Not for me, anyway! I love a wire in my everyday bras, but prefer to keep them out of my sports bras.

So, at this point, I supposed I should just consider another Enell. I could have one for triathlons and one for runs. Although that one for running will need replaced eventually. Maybe 2 for runs?

It's times like these when I get jealous of those girls with little boobs that can actually use the built-in-shelf-bra tank tops.