Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Clothes Post

I've spent my morning checking out hourglassy, another blog for us big chested women. She has some awesome info and links, including this one: AJ Rumina. AJ Rumina makes tops and 1 dress for busty women. Sure other places do this, too, but their button up shirt is only $34.99!! ZOMG that is amazing!

I told my husband about it (he's used to me ranting about boobs), and that I thought I would get one. He said, "ok." Real enthusiastic, I know. He really does get it, though.

And since I'm talking about clothes, I bought a new formal last week. It has some lacing on the back, making it more adjustable for large busts like mine. I highly recommend lacing for large chested women on formal dresses. It allowed me to get a dress that hugs my curves on the rest of me but fits very well over my girls. It is strapless, but I'm ok with that. With my tiny torso, straps are always too long, so I've learned to love the strapless dress. Of course, I have an amazing strapless bra from Fantasie to keep the girls up where they belong.

So check out the links and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Being Athletic With Big Boobs

So this is more of a rant, I guess.

If you read this, you know I have big boobs. I was lucky enough to find the Enell sports bra for my running, and the Freya Active for lower impact activities.

Now my husband and I are wanting to try a triathlon. Currently, I have different bras for bicycling and running, and a one-piece speedo for swimming that barely fit my boobs into it. I've been looking around online for ideas of what triathletes with big boobs wear. Turns out they usually just do the swim in a sports bra.

Then my head goes nuts thinking of the damage that the chlorine would do to my expensive Enell bra. And how impossibly long it would take for that double layered bra to dry out. But what is the chance that I will find another sports bra I can run in as comfortably as my Enell?

I did see a recommendation for a swim/bra top from Shock Absorber, a UK brand that can be ordered in the US through Figleaves. However, a top made for swimming is likely not going to offer the support for running. And changing bras takes longer when the girls are big like mine.

I am interested in trying a shock absorber sports bra. They make one specifically for running. Thing is, with as crazy as my body is, I want to try it on first. But I don't think anyone stocks it state-side yet. I might have to make an inquiry with my favorite bra shop back in Missouri.

There are some other sports bras out there for a G cup, but they have underwires, and I just don't believe in underwires in my sports bras. Not for me, anyway! I love a wire in my everyday bras, but prefer to keep them out of my sports bras.

So, at this point, I supposed I should just consider another Enell. I could have one for triathlons and one for runs. Although that one for running will need replaced eventually. Maybe 2 for runs?

It's times like these when I get jealous of those girls with little boobs that can actually use the built-in-shelf-bra tank tops.