Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Latest Shopping Trip

Late, I know! But I've been very busy since getting home.

So here are my purchases from Intimate Designs -

Freya's Carly, which I actually bought in a 36G and had the band taken in to a 34. They were out of stock in 34Gs. It's heavenly and makes me feel super sexy.

Fantasie's Marie, both the bra and the thong. LOVE this.

From Wacoal, the Retro Chic, a full coverage but sexy bra. I know, I don't like full coverage, but I fell for it. I did figure something out, though. It's the stays! See, a lot of full coverage bras have boning on the sides, under the arms. The bottom end of the boning was starting to dig into my ribs after half a day in the bra. I talked to my mom and she said, "Oh yeah, I have the same problem. I used to just take the boning out." Well DUH! So I snipped and clipped and removed the boning from it's casing. Can now wear the full coverage bra all day comfortably. 

And from Lunaire, the Versaille. Has those side panels in the cups to keep the girls more forward. Not entirely sure how I feel about this bra yet. Once I got home it almost seems a little too small in the cup. It's comfy, though. Hopefully I can lose a little weight and fit into the cups! I did put on 5 pounds over Easter.

I try to do a more specific review of each bra. I'm also thinking of posting pics of real people in bras. As in I put on a bra, take a pic (no face, just the chest) and post it. Sometimes it's nice to see how a bra fits on a real person and not a model (even a busty model). Would that benefit anyone? 

I also plan to go to Dillards and Macy's, since they both carry Lunaire and Wacoal, and see if they actually carry a 34G in the stores. This seems to be the high end of their cup sizing, and I think they fit because the cups are made of stretchy material. We'll get more into that in the individual reviews, though.