Thursday, July 12, 2012

OMG What A Steal!

I went shopping with my friend Amber today. We walked into Dillards (because that's where we parked) and I saw their lingerie sale bins. One was actually marked 32G. I figured it was worth a look.

What I found, much to my surprise, was a Fantasie Rhiannon in a 32G. Best part? This Dillards doesn't even sell Fantasie! Someone had returned it to the store, tags still on.

Ok, I lied. The best part was the price. It was on clearance for $14.99! That's right, $15 for a $78 (Dillards price) bra. I did the happy dance.

Then the store clerk told us that everything was an extra 30% off the lowest ticket price. That made my bra $10.50!!! HOLY SHIT!

After tax, it was $11 and some change. I think this is the cheapest bra I've bought since I found out I was a G cup. I don't even want to do the math to know how much I saved. It's a LOT.

This buy made my day. Hell, it made my whole week.

Oh, and here's what I'm talking about:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh, The Stupidity!

OMG, right? A post!

I need to vent about bra fitting.

I read a bra review just now, and left a comment. She used the site's "fit guide" and it's sooooo wrong. *sigh*

It has you figuring the band size by measuring under your arms and ABOVE your boobs! WTF? How in all the world is that supposed to tell you how big around you are under your boobs, on your rib cage?

It told me that I'm a 38B. Yes, B.

Hello? I wear a 32G! (32I if they made that size in US bras).

You know how people are always spouting how 80%/85% of women are wearing the wrong size? We also often hear the "average" bra size (which differs from report to report). Tell me - how can we know the average size if so many of us are wearing the wrong size to begin with? Wouldn't your data be automatically flawed?

I just can't stand these sites that get all the fit tips right (i.e. center gore against chest, band snug with no movement, etc.) but give horribly wrong sizing guides. Even worse when the bras don't even fit the model on the sizing page. She's probably got too small a cup.

Anywho, I'm actually taking a friend bra shopping Tuesday. Maybe I'll give a post on how that goes.

P.S. The fit page above - I say absolutely nothing about the quality or fit of their bras, as I have no idea. Never heard of the brand before today. I just know their fitting guide is off.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ideas For the Future

I've been thinking about my blogs lately, and how I can make them better.

Just now I had a thought - it would be so much easier to just mesh my two main blogs into one. I have no clue what I would call it. How do I combine the pets, running, weight loss, and general life of Charlatan Psychic and include the bra/boob obsession of Bra Crusader?

I almost feel like I haven't lived up to the Bra Crusader title these past couple years. I've let the blog fall to the side, and haven't given a fitting since last summer. As for reviews, I can only review the Fantasie and Freya so many times, and that's about all I wear (ok, with a little Panache thrown in). So I'm not really doing readers justice, since I'm not expanding my own bra brand base.

*sigh* I hate to say it, but I think the Bra Crusader has moved on. But I still can talk forever about boobs and bras. I still can't stand Vic's secret. I just want to incorporate that into my regular blog. Maybe assign day a week where I post something about bras/boobs.

I would still gladly accept a job as a bra fitter if there were a store in my area that carried a decent size range.

Is Charlatan Psychic inclusive enough to include my bra obsession? Or do I need to find a new blog identity?