Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: Adore Me & Paili/Arabella

Whew! This review has been a little rough just getting to this stage.

I had previously read a blog post/review of Adore Me by the Lingerie Addict (read it here), so I had some expectations going into this, but I saw an add for your first set for only $20 and had to give it a try.

I knew that the bras in my size were all from Affinitas, so I looked at some of my go-to sites for reviews. It took me all day to decide, but I ordered the Kimberly bra and panty set (Adore Me calls it the Leona).

Now, when you sign up, you only get the $20 set if you register for the VIP membership, which is where they charge your card each month and you get to pick some lingerie. They send you an email before charging, so you can choose to skip a month.

Ok, ok. I signed up. I went with slow shipping because it's free and I'm cheap.

Then I got this in the mail:

box is a little beat up
but it's all "pretty". i hate pink.
I knew about the relabeling. Of course that's the first thing I checked out. I was shocked at how poorly and obviously it was done.

sewn right on top
you can see where they cut out the old tag
they think the sticker there is sneaky. i guess 
old tag fibers
I really expected more, but oh well. I tried it on. I had ordered up a cup size based on the reviews on other sites. By the way, Adore Me uses US sizing, and goes up to an I, so that's what I got.

The set is adorable. I love pinstripes. The fit, on the other hand, was horrid. The band was too tight and I was spilling out everywhere. *Le Sigh*

Failed attempt. I went online and found the exchange page. It was actually really easy. I filled out a little form, got a printable return mailing label, and got an email with a code to get another set for free. So ease of use has been pretty good.

I picked the Arabella set for my next try, or Paili as they call it (is that even a real name?). I went up to a 34I, so up one band and another cup. Time to wait again.

The box was beat up again, and filled with pink tissue paper again. The tags were much better and look like they were done by the manufacturer.

The fit is, well, it's OK. The 34 band is a little loose, and the cups *barely* fit my boobs, but it fits enough for $20. The girls are a little wider than I'm used to, and the textured cups show under thin and/or light colored fabrics, but it looks good under a dark tshirt.

The panties are super comfy! And sexy, with their see-through back side. I will totally wear them even without the bra. 
no pics of these on - gotta avoid the creepers
So what's my final conclusion?


Affinitas bras just don't fit me well, and if that's the only brand Adore Me is going to relabel, then I'll pass. I got a nice deal on this set, but just barely. If Affinitas fit you well, then yeah, check it out. They really are good deals on the bra and panty sets.

I will be canceling my account and heading back over to True&Co. who now carries bras in my size. And lets you try on a handful and keep what fits. Yes yes. In other good news, my town is getting a Nordstrom Rack in October! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they stock lots of bras in my size range.