Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Cami Secret

I have a little black dress that I LOVE, but it shows a little too much (a lot of) cleavage for some situations. Like the event I'm attending in 2 days. I tried my shaping slip, but this dress has a keyhole back, and the slip showed in the back. That meant real camis wouldn't work.

I desperately purchased the Cami Secret (yes, the one with the HORRID commercial) and brought it home to see if it would work. I've always had serious doubts about this product, but I was a little desperate.

I bought the pack with black, nude, and white. Only cost about $10. Price wise, that can't be beat.

The first thing I noticed when I snapped it to my bra is that it barely stretched across my expansive bosom. I'm also very short on the top half, so the moving up and down bit didn't really work for me. There was really only one position that didn't noticeably stretch the top strip of lace.

Then I put the dress on, and everything I feared, happened. If I bounced at all, which happens a lot with big boobs, the fabric of the Cami Secret wrinkled and moved out of place. Didn't look good. I tried tucking the bottom of it under my bra band to hold it down. That made the middle of it cave in a bit between my breasts. Didn't look good. Next I pinned the bottom of it to the dress itself. Wouldn't lay flat and didn't look good. I finally pinned the whole thing straight to the dress, but it still just wouldn't lay right over my breasts. I could not find a way to make this silly little piece of fabric lay right on my bosom.

Am I just being too picky? That obvious fold there bothered me a lot. It happened no matter what I tried.

I folded them back into the package and will be returning them.

My sister knows a girl who uses them and loves them. She has smaller breasts than me. If you are smaller than me, please try them out for yourself and let me know!

I searched the internet and found Chickies Cleavage Coverage, which is kind of like a cropped, backless cami. I think this would work so much better for large breasts. The back sits at the level of the bra band, and the front covers more like an actual tank top. However, they are so popular that the website is backlogged. No way I could get one in time for Thursday. Also a little pricey.

I ended up buying a new little black dress. It shows a little cleavage, but not nearly as much my other dress. It's cute, while my other dress is more sexy. I think it will work well. I've found that I really need to shop in the Petite sizes for dresses and tops. I had a much easier time in the dressing room when I stuck to petite styles.