Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Bra Store!

I decided to try a new online bra store. I found Breakout Bras on the Fantasie website. First, I was excited that they had a style of Panache's tank with built-in underwire in my size. Then I discovered the "amazing deal" grab bags. That is their title for it.

You pick how many "bags" you want (one bag equals one bra), 1 through 4, choose your size, and they pick that many bras in your size to send to you. The sizes for the grab bags are UK sizing, so anyone who already knows their size in Fantasie, Freya, or Panache are set. When I looked, they didn't have my size in the 3 grab bags, so I got 2. That's 2 bras for $35!! Holy Underwires, Batman! Oh, you can also specify if you prefer certain brands in the order comments. I told them that I know my size in Fantasie and Freya.

I got email confirmation right away, telling me what 2 bras I was getting for my grab bag purchases. Next day they sent me a tracking number in a shipping email. You can choose the standard, USPS shipping for free! I got the shipping email on the 12th and got the bras today, the 17th. There was a weekend in there as well, so 4 business days. They shipped from the east coast.

I immediately tried them on, of course! So a mini review for each one.

First, the tank, which I went ahead and spent $50 on. That's now much the Panache tanks have always cost.

It's as awkward to get on and off as the underwire tankini swimsuits. But once it's on, damn! Talk about comfort! Can't wait to use the hell out of that top in this heat! I might have to order another one. I love being able to wear a tank without bra straps showing. Mine is black.

They also sent me a Panache bra, the Eliza.

Yes, they sent me pink, which I would never have picked on my own. But it looks good on! The bow in the center really does hang low like that. I trimmed it down. The band is nice and thick all around, so no rolling will be going on. It is a full coverage bra, but every girl needs at least one of those. :) It is girly and quite comfy. I actually decided to leave this one on.

Finally, I got another Freya bra! Yay! They sent me the Lydia.

The cut of this bra is pretty much just like their Deco molded bra, which I own in nude. But this one, as you can see, is bright and flowery. Very comfy, and a plunge. I like plunge bras since I wear so many v-neck shirts.

I have a couple bras that have reached the end of their lives, and I've just been hanging on. My Freya Arabella really should have been put down a while ago. This pink Panache is a great replacement for that. And my black molded Fantasie bra is nearing the end. Glad to know I have a new molded! And glad that those Fantasie molded bras last a long time!

So, I will definitely be going back to Breakout Bras next time I need some new ones. They picked well for me and it was definitely worth it with how much I saved! The Eliza originally costs around $66 and the Lydia around $60. I got them for $17.50 each with the grab bag deal! You just can't beat that.