Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my love affair with Molded Cup Bras

This is more because I'm bored and don't feel like doing any research :)

I used to swear against molded cup bras for anything other than strapless needs. I thought they would just make my boobs look bigger, and before I learned to love the twins, that was the last thing I wanted.

Even my first few shopping trips after getting fitted, I avoided molded cups. The first one I bought was a strapless, the kind with removable straps, from Fantasie (I love it). But then, on a trip to Intimate Designs, I was looking for something to give me more show-off cleavage. I tried on a molded cup bra from Fantasie (see a theme?) and was surprised and what it did for the twins. They looked amazing! Super perky, perfect separation, and less nippleage in the cold! Suddenly, my relationship with molded cups went from hate to love.

I now own the matching panties and thong for that molded cup bra, as well as the same thing in another color. I ended up with 2 more molded cup bras from that store before all was said and done, and one that I bought online.

So now, I know molded cups are a wonder for my twins, but that's because of the shape of the girls. I am pretty comfortable in underwires, for one thing, and have rather full breasts. But the key is to always try on your bras before buying, and don't be afraid to try on something new, something you didn't think you would like.

Different styles of bra will fit different styles of boobs. Great example is the Dream Tisha whatever from Le Mystere. I tried it on, and hated it instantly. Not for the molded cups, but because those cups came up high on the sides and cut into my armpits. I know I have a very short torso, but that was a little ridiculous. When I finally got fitted at Dillards, the girl helping me said she hadn't seen anyone look good in the bras I was buying, until me. We theorized that maybe those bras, made by Chantelle, were structured to fit a smaller torso, while the Dream bra fit a longer torso.

So bra shopping takes a lot of trial and error. Try it on and see. Or if you do order online, make sure they have a decent return policy. I've seen it recommended, many times, that you should order a couple sizes of the same bra, if you can, when ordering online. Just return the ones that don't fit. Of course, this doesn't work with all of our budgets, so I only order online if I already have the same bra and can check the size.

Wow. So this post ended up a little longer than I expected, and took a bit of a different twist. That's OK.

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