Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you have been following my blog (all 3 of you), you may notice that I am a little passionate/obsessed with bras.

You may have also heard, like I have, that the best job is to find a way to make money from something you are passionate about.

I think I have found just that! I found a company that trains and employs bra consultants. So I would be a professional bra fitter. I could do personal house parties, ya know, like Mary Kay or Tupperware. I could also, and this is the big seller for me, work as a consultant with other businesses, like gyms, spas, chiropractors, doctor's offices, etc, anyone that wants to help women find bras! Check them out, The Uplifting Makeover.

So, this company I found is cool, with a wide range of sizes. They use a few different brands and are constantly looking for more options with more sizes. They are laid back and don't push sales the way other consultant jobs do. They care only about helping women.

Now this is something very different from me, and as my mother pointed out, it would push me out of my "comfort zone". As I started feeling serious about it, I started getting nervous.

See, I'm not a people person. But if you get me talking about something I'm passionate about, I can talk forever without any shyness or reservation. I am obviously passionate about properly fitting women into good bras.

So if anyone reads this, give me a vote. Should I give it a shot? It's a minimum investment that can be reimbursed if I work hard. So should I?


  1. Well, hi.
    I am enjoying your blog. I suggest you go ahead and try the bra fitting job. You'd be great.
    My daughter just had a wee bit of breast surgery - cosmetic - and we are checking out a bra store in Monrovia, CA, which has a reputation for having Everything.

    1. The bra fitting job didn't work out. I'm not good at selling myself, and the area I currently live in didn't support it.

      I'm glad you're going to a bra store with your daughter. I know that breast enhancements can be confusing, because they doctor says he/she is making you a "c" cup (or whatever), but they base that on the volume they put in, not on the actual measurements. I don't know if a reduction would work the same way. Just remember that size is just a number (and letter) and a good fit is everything. Different bras may get different sizes!