Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bra Size Calculators

I decided to spend some time entering my measurements into online Bra Size Calculators. I went through 5 pages of my google search and found 3 sites I liked enough to link on this blog.

What I entered:
Band measurement - 31 inches
Bust measurement - 43 inches

The vast majority of calculators said I should wear a 36G, which works if you follow that "add 5 inches" rule. It makes me laugh, because I wore that size 20 pounds ago. Most of the site also said they had no products to offer me.

The worst measurement was on Vassarette's website, which wouldn't even give me a bra size. I got an error message telling me "Cup size too large!" Wow. At least the Playtex site put it nicer, "We're sorry, we could not calculate your size. Please try again."

Of course, I had to see if Vicky's Secret had a calculator. They don't have a calculator, but they do show "how to measure" and - get this - they don't even measure your ribcage! They get the band measurement from measuring the top of your bust! So according to them, I should be in a 38DD, which is what I wore before getting fitted years ago. Have you read my story about getting fitted? Yeah, 38DD is not comfortable on me.

Ok, now here are the 3 sites I picked to share with you. The first 2 gave me the size I currently wear and the 3rd just had 1 cup size bigger, which I do need in some brands/styles.


  1. Thanks for including these calculators, I tried to find a good one a while back, and couldn't do so. These are good. I found out I was wearing a size too small.

  2. Be sure to try them on, too! Different brands will fit differently. You may be the size you thought in some brands, and a size up or down in other brands. But the calculator gives a good place to start looking.

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