Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Being Athletic With Big Boobs

So this is more of a rant, I guess.

If you read this, you know I have big boobs. I was lucky enough to find the Enell sports bra for my running, and the Freya Active for lower impact activities.

Now my husband and I are wanting to try a triathlon. Currently, I have different bras for bicycling and running, and a one-piece speedo for swimming that barely fit my boobs into it. I've been looking around online for ideas of what triathletes with big boobs wear. Turns out they usually just do the swim in a sports bra.

Then my head goes nuts thinking of the damage that the chlorine would do to my expensive Enell bra. And how impossibly long it would take for that double layered bra to dry out. But what is the chance that I will find another sports bra I can run in as comfortably as my Enell?

I did see a recommendation for a swim/bra top from Shock Absorber, a UK brand that can be ordered in the US through Figleaves. However, a top made for swimming is likely not going to offer the support for running. And changing bras takes longer when the girls are big like mine.

I am interested in trying a shock absorber sports bra. They make one specifically for running. Thing is, with as crazy as my body is, I want to try it on first. But I don't think anyone stocks it state-side yet. I might have to make an inquiry with my favorite bra shop back in Missouri.

There are some other sports bras out there for a G cup, but they have underwires, and I just don't believe in underwires in my sports bras. Not for me, anyway! I love a wire in my everyday bras, but prefer to keep them out of my sports bras.

So, at this point, I supposed I should just consider another Enell. I could have one for triathlons and one for runs. Although that one for running will need replaced eventually. Maybe 2 for runs?

It's times like these when I get jealous of those girls with little boobs that can actually use the built-in-shelf-bra tank tops.


  1. Interesting dilemma. I suppose the triathlon is not a cheap endeavor, so I think that getting a sportsbra specially for the race would be a good idea if it doesn't cost you and arm and a leg :) . If it survives even better ;)

    I just made a reply to your entry on my blog :)

  2. Doesn't Shock Absorber also make swimming suits? I'd be curious to know if they could double for running, although that's probably wishful thinking.

  3. Darlene - Thanks for stopping by! They do have a line of swimsuits and a bikini top, but I'd have to order it online and I'm always leery of ordering things online if I don't know their sizing. I'm very petite in my torso (i.e. I have the torso of a midget) and it does have adjustable straps, which is a plus. I might order it eventually anyway just to have a swim top that doesn't have side-cleavage. If I do, I will be sure to do a review!

  4. A friend of mine is a triathlete. She uses the shockabsorber bikini top for her 32 G chest without any problems for both swimming and running.

  5. Great article, thanks! Was feeling lonely on the sporty carrying big puppies;)
    I definitely love shock absorber for running bras. Have you tried their swim wear? I hadn't heard about it yet.
    I'll be doing a small swim+run at the end of the month and am considering wearing my sports bra and running shorts (3/4 length) for the swim.