Friday, July 29, 2011

A DD Is Not As Big As You Think

During my vacation, I gave a bunch of fittings to a family. In total, 3 pre-teens, 2 teens, and 4 women. I must say here that my good friend Alison was wearing the right size. Yay! Her bra was starting to wear out but still fit her very well. 

So, I gave the girls fittings. They were all wearing at least 1 band size too big, and at least 1 was wearing too small of a cup. 

The oldest of the girls measured at a 34DD. She seemed a little horrified at that. But actually, she was very proportionate. She had just enough hip to balance out the bust. 

So when did a DD become "OMG freaking HUGE" instead of just 5 inches? What's that? Yeah. A DD cup is a difference of 5 inches. That's not even half a foot. 

So this post was inspired by that beaufitul, tall, 15-year-old 34DD.  I want her to know that her size isn't huge, it isn't even that big or uncommon. I want her to know that, with the right bra, her breasts will be comfortable, which in turn will make her comfortable with them. If she's not constantly readjusting her bra, she won't draw undue attention to her chest. And, if she is comfortable, it's easier to be confident, which is truly beautiful. 

The right bra will show off her slender, long waist. It will keep her breasts contained and secure (no wardrobe malfunctions). She won't have to worry about embarrassing bulges or uncomfortable poking. And my dearest hope is that she will never hate her breasts the way I once did. 

I hated these horrible things attached to me that caused nothing buy pain and embarrassment. And then I found a comfortable bra in the correct size. My breasts weren't painful anymore. They didn't embarrass me. In fact, I am quite proud of my breasts now. I love my 34Gs (in UK sizing, 34I according to most US size charts). I hope that this gorgeous teenager can learn to love her body as it is. I hope that, with the right bra, she won't be so conscience of her breasts, and will let her talent and intellect shine. And she is a very smart, very talented young woman. Besides, not constantly worrying about your boobs will make anyone's day a little easier. 

So next time you fall into the "OMG they are so HUGE" frame of mind, stop and count to 5. If they're a DD/E. 5 inches isn't that big. Especially next to me ;)


  1. This is a beautiful counterpoint to the guest post on the Lingerie Addict blog today. So eloquently put, C.E.

  2. This post is wonderful! I wish I'd had someone like you around when I was going through that as a teenager. It felt so awful to be built like that, and it took me years to get over that.

    Good for you for helping that girl. I hope she grows up to love lingerie and how she looks in it, as well as finding someone who properly appreciates it.