Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brand Loyalty?

If you know me, you know I tend to stick with 2 bra brands - Fantasie and Freya. This is partially because they make such a lovely size range, and mostly because they tend to fit me really well. Panache makes a great size range as well, but their bras just don't fit my body that well. Although I did order one of their softcup bras and hey, shouldn't that be here by now?

Anywho. I have been losing weight since I started this blog. I noticed about a month ago that my 32Gs weren't fitting right. The cups were actually too big. I have one 32FF that fit well enough as a G, and it was fitting me really well. So I pulled out the 32FFs I had shoved in a drawer. One of them fits great. The other still bulges a bit on my larger breast, but I have a few more pounds to lose.

So yes, I am officially down to a 32FF. (Disclaimer: I wear my band very tight. It does leave red marks. But I feel like a 34 is sliding around all day. Where was I?

Yes, brands. I recently tweeted (@lifewithRemy) that as a 32FF, I could start wearing 32H in US brands. Then I read on article on The Lingerie Addict (great lingerie blog for all sizes) about knock-offs and design stealing/borrowing. One point it brought up is whether it's OK for a brand to basically copy a popular design for sizes the original maker doesn't offer. I personally like this, and hope the original designer sees that so many people loved the original design.

That all got me thinking about brand loyalty. With as much as I want US brands to offer a larger size range, should I be supporting those companies that I only just now fit into? I have lost 35 pounds since I first started my bra obsession, and I only just now fit into their sizes.

I was never obese, just overweight. I now wear a size 8 in bottoms, but still need a 12/14 on top because my chest is big. If I can lose 35 pounds and still have big boobs, I know they aren't going anywhere. At this point, I don't want them to! I like my chest, even with the trouble of finding clothes that fit. I wouldn't know what to do without them. I wouldn't look right.

After this whole thought process, my heart (yes, that's me choosing heart over brain) says to stick with the brands I already love. My brain rationalized this as well - I'm supporting the brands that I approve of and, hopefully, the brands that are losing my business will someday see that they are missing out.

*side note*
I woke up early this morning to very high winds blowing open my utility doors (outside the house because I live in military quarters). They blew open 3 times between 0530 and 0600, until I duct taped the doors shut. One strip over the seam between the doors and a small strip to reinforce the latch. They stayed shut, but I was not able to get back to sleep. This makes me grumpy. So I got online. I ended up on and decided to check out their bra selection - it sucks. I read reviews on a Le Mystere bra and someone recommended going with the manufacturer sizing. So of course, I went to their site. How could I resist?

Um, yeah. That was a mistake. They told me to measure OVER my bust to get my band size. I said, "Oh, really?" And got my tape measure (and a bra since I'm still in PJs). YEAH. Their sizing says I'm a 36D.

Oh dear baby Jesus. I have not been a 36 since 35 pounds ago. I haven't been a D, or even a DD since High School (14 years if anyone is counting). This was not a good time to visit that page.

I went to their contact email form and ranted: about sizing and sizes offered. Le Mystere, as hyped up by Oprah, offers 2 bras in my size. That's it. Only 2 bras go up to an H cup. Not to mention, when I did try their bras on a few years ago, the bands felt huge. I was a true 34 back then and tried on 32 bands that still felt loose.

So no, I will not ever be recommended that brand. Unless they do a big overhaul.

I will be recommending Fantasie and Freya, because I still LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Panache, too, just not for me as much. By the way, got a new strapless bra from a Panache sub-brand, and for petite women, it is great. Sizing is small in the cup though. And any brands under the Eveden parent company. Even though it's part of Wacoal now. I don't mind Wacoal.

Done for now. 


  1. I really, really like my Leading Lady bra (the no-wire one). I'm going to buy a couple more in fact. This is huge for me. AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, BRA CRUSADER! haha.

    1. Yay! You can also check amazon and ebay for bras. If you know the brand, style, and size, search for those and you sometimes find some great deals.