Friday, March 4, 2011

A Post for the A's of the World

I discovered a website that flat-chested, skinny girls will like. Lula Lu specializes in small cup bras and goes as low as a 30 band. While I would prefer to see a 28 or lower, they do have cup sizes from AAA to B. That's right, AAA, AA, A, and B. This includes some pushup bras, lace bras, tshirt bras, and even a few corsets!

I would NOT recommend following their fit guide. They do an overbust measurement for the band size. *head smack* No, No, No! Please ladies, measure your ribcage. If you can't seem to find a difference between the bust and band measurements, you might try their AA or even AAA styles. If you find A cups gapping on you, try their smaller sizes. I do know some women who could greatly benefit from this site.

So there we have it! My first post for small boobs!

Check out this bra, a sexy bra that comes in a AAA cup!

2 things I would recommend for this site are to include smaller bands, and make sure those smaller bands come in the smaller cups! Oh make it 3 and change their sizing.

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