Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Death of a Bra

One of my bras has kicked the bucket. Sadly, I say goodbye to Lydia. She has served me well over the past year or so.

Last week, her underwire on the right breast popped out in the middle. I was able to perform emergency surgery and keep her alive for a whole week. But, alas, it did not last. The wire made another appearance. I considered surgery again, but remember that her body is not what it once was. While Lydia is the same cut as Deco, the material did not hold up nearly as well. It stretched out much faster and faded where it didn't have protection from the molding material.


Fortunately, I am headed to KS this month and will be making a much needed stop at the Lee's Summit location of Intimate Designs.

I would also like to point out at this time that my black Fantasie 4510 Tshirt bra has seriously lasted me something like 3 years now without stretching out or falling apart. I had the same bra in a fashion color and it died much earlier (much like the Lydia situation). I wear the basics much more often, and thus they get washed more often, but yet they survive forever when the pretties die young.

Here's to you. Lydia. I enjoyed our time together.

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