Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home Again (And Looking For Ideas)

Ok, so I've been home for a while. And I've not been blogging. My husband has turned into a better blogger than me (probably because he's still new at it, not disillusioned yet).

Unfortunately, there were no bra stores to stop at on my vacation. I don't have any fun new bras to review.

However, my friend was able to get her hands on a Jockey Bra and is writing up a review for us! Preliminary reports are good - very comfortable. I got to check it out and their underwire resin thingy looks pretty awesome. There are a couple things they could improve on, like some topstitching to hold lining fabrics in place, but all in all it looks like a good start. Even has some pretty hardware on it.

In the meantime, I haven't yet reviewed the bras I have been wearing on a daily basis, and would love to do so. So I will get started on those.

But since I have some new readers (more than just family and friends), what would you like to read about? What can I talk about to keep you interested?

Anything to do with boobs, bras, what have you, is open to suggestion. 

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