Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bras and Odd Sizing Policies

I am highly anticipating my upcoming bra shopping! I have been looking at collections online to see what I want. The list is long.

Sites I've been to today:
Panache Brands

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I ADORE Freya and Fantasie bras. I saw a few soft cup styles that I would truly love for those days when my ribs are bugging me. They are cute and wire-free! How can you go wrong?

Then I checked out Panache and saw some of their brand lines. I fell in love with the gorgeous Masquerade line. It's fancy and exotic! Band sizes down to a 28 (not that I will ever be that skinny)! I also saw a new line of theirs for smaller cups, offering lots of lift and cleavage styles, called Atlantis.

Here is where the confusion set in. The Atlantis bras didn't seem to offer many in a band smaller than 32. Yet Masquerade starts at a D cup and has size 28 bands. HUH? My experience shows that girls with small breasts often have a small band measurements as well. Not always, but it is NOT uncommon. So why in the world would your line of AA cups start at a 32?!?

It just doesn't make sense to me. They had some super cute styles, too. It's a shame, really. They offer so many large cup bras with small bands, but can't offer those small bands to girls with small cup sizes. *sigh*

I've had a hit and miss relationship with Panache. I do love their cami top with the built in bra, but I like the shape I get from my other bras better. I feel like the Panache molded cups flatten me somewhat. I love being able to wear a strappy tank without bra straps showing, though. It is ideal for layering!

I will be sure to let you know what purchases I do make, with full reviews to follow!


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  2. well... i'm not sure, but I think that all the 32 are not the same... (like all the small or large sizes are not all the same in same cloth range...)
    So maybe a 32 back on a A bra is smaller than a 32 back size on a D bra?
    And, well, I know that all breasts need a good support, but I see a bigger problem for someone needing G and a 28 back, that someone needing a an A and 28 back...

    oh, and by the way, I'm actually a 28 back, and I'm not what you can call «skinny» ...I have big breat(FF), big buttocks and hips and thights!:P but I have a small ribb cage too... can't explain it...
    And when Bravissimo came up with 28 back size, lets me tell you I was in heaven!! ^^

    I hope Panache is gonna do a 28 back cami top!!

    and me too, I ADORE Freya :D ...and I can't wait so see your purchases and reviews! : )

  3. Actually, Atlantis has 2 styles that start at a 30 band: the 5941 and 5945.

    As to why they start the other bras at 28D while the Atlantis starts at 30A, it's because the Atlantis is essentially made for people who size (or are sized) incorrectly. There aren't any true 28As or 28AAs (or, really, 30As or 32AAs). If you measure your band size and get 28, measure your bust and get 32, you are a 28D. However, if you use most bra size calculators or go to most other bra fitters, they will add 4-6 inches to the band and tell you you are a 32AA or something similarly ludicrous. The Atlantis allows Panache to sell to those women.

  4. I agree that women in the 28AA-C range aren't well served at the moment, although I wouldn't describe 28D as a large cup size; a 28D cup is about 4.5" wide. Ironically, there are plenty of "small cup" specialists who offer 32AA-B but not 28B-D, which is the same cup size range on a smaller band, so they're actually failing to cater for very slim women with small busts.

    Whilst there probably are women who truly need a 28-32 AA-A, my guess is that lots more people measure as one of these sizes but need something completely different in real life. The traditional sizing formula puts me at 30A, and I fit a 28D/DD or 30C/D.