Friday, April 22, 2011

Soft Cup Bras

While I wait to find time to tell you about my wonderful shopping trip and the gorgeous bras I bought, I need to rant a moment.

Why can't I find the cute, sexy soft cup bras (like the ones I know Freya makes) available for sale in the US? I've looked in stores and online, but only ever see the Nursing Bra versions. Yeah. Don't need that.

Best example - Freya's Dotty style. The Freya site shows it as a nursing bra and a regular soft cup. I would love to own just the regular soft cup. Yet when I ask about it or look for it, I only find the nursing bra. UGH! I swear, they only make ugly soft cups in my size! Or they expect me to wear a sports bra. Uh uh. No thank you.

I am happy with my purchases, though, and I know at least 1 person will be happy to know I bought 2 bras from American manufacturers. However, I don't usually see these lines in my size in chain stores. Hmmmmmmm. I will do reviews of each bra after I've worn them a couple times, with real pictures. I think some people would appreciate seeing how a bra fits on a real person instead of a photoshopped model. I'm not perfect, and I'm sometimes hard to fit (with my super short torso), so I think I'm a good model for real life.

Closing tip - if you are taking your husband bra shopping with you, remember to bring a book or something to keep him entertained while you try stuff on!

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