Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Bra Stores, 1 Bra

Alrighty, so I made it to my 3 bra stores in Denver.

First stop was Le Soutien. Cute little store in Cherry Creek. I followed an elderly lady in and listened a little as she talked bras. How great to see an elderly woman that was properly fitted! She lifted up her shirt right there in the store to show the lady the one she had on. The sales lady helping her did mention that they only carry wired bras in the store, but will special order for anyone.

Meanwhile, I was fitted by the owner, Sharon. Lovely lady. I told her my size and she grabbed some of the store favorites and had me try them on. She left the room while I put on each bra and then came in. I can see how some women would LOVE this, but I'm not shy about my boobs and would have been just fine with her staying in the room. They did have a robe hanging in the change room, which was a great idea. I tried on some Prima Donna bras and loved them, but it's hard to spend $150 on a bra when I have enough as it is. Sharon did tell me that she thinks the 34 is just a little tight on me, but also said that I would know best what works for me, and if I want a 34 I can have a 34. I liked that.

Selection wise, they only have beautiful bras. Prima Donna, Chantelle, Conturelle, some Freya. Pricey, all pricey. But they do have the whole size range, from A on up.

Just 2 blocks away was SOL (Store of Lingerie). Very young, very hip, trendy colors. I didn't try anything on, because it was all the same. Really, same brands that Le Soutien had, and same idea. Cute, pretty bras. What made SOL stand out was their great pajama selection. Cute adorable PJs, and lots of tank top styles with a shelf bra. I've been thinking of getting some PJs like that. Still thinking about it. They're pricey. Yes, SOL was also pricey. Oh, they had some fun and sexy stockings and tights as well. Definitely a slightly younger target market.

Finally a drove a little ways away to Treva's. That's tree-va. She was there. When I said I was just looking they said great! Let us know if you need help! So I browsed. This store had the older target market. Treva her self is older, and her sales clerk was older as well. By older, I mean probably about as old as my Grandmother.

Treva's, though, carries soft cup bras. Yes! The selection is very basic, all white, beige, and black, but the one thing that makes Treva's special is one little section of the store. They stock a good range of sizes in mastectomy bras and carry breast forms. They accept Medicare and other types of insurance to cover those. They also had hats, scarves, and caps, and other accessories for cancer patients. If you have breast cancer in Denver, please check these ladies out. They even had a tank top with shelf bra that has a pocket for breast forms.

So! Anyway, I tried on a couple soft cup bras. Found a bra by Aviana that fit well and was comfortable. Plus, it didn't give me uniboob! It's not super pretty, but still pretty, and was only $45. That's cheap for me. Plus, as Treva herself rang me up, she threw in a free calendar (2011, but has bra pics) and said I could pick a gift from these 2 baskets. I grabbed a little lingerie bag, since I didn't bring one with me, and might wash some bras.

Now let me tell you about the other shopper that was in there. Good Lord I wanted to shoot her. Or at the very least duct tape her mouth. She did nothing but bitch about her breasts and how she wanted to cut them off and get rid of them. She hated them, she hated bras, she loathed underwires, she snapped at her husband. I was glad when she left. Her husband even asked if the store could order another of the bras that she likes, and she got mad at him! Hello! He's trying to help you! Want to know her size? 44K.

There you have it. My 3 stores and 1 purchase. If you're in Denver, check them out. Just remember that Treva has functional bras, and the others have pretty (and expensive) bras. 

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  1. THANK you for this report. Amazing that they have so many options in Denver. I'm always looking for places to recommend to others. I do wish you had tried something on in SOL to compare the actual fitting experience.