Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making it Work

I bought a dress yesterday, and was surprised when a size Medium fit me.

Today I found out why.

This is apparently how the dress is supposed to fit.

It fits me like an empire waist dress. The elastic waist hits just below my bust. I'm short enough that it still comes down to my knees as well. I think it looks good as an empire waist. My 2 friends said so as well. My sister wasn't so sure. But I bought it. Here's a horrible phone pic in the dressing room.

So this is my new dress that I will wear for my best friend's wedding next month. It's lightweight cotton, so it will work well in the July humidity of Maryland.

Oh yeah, I bought this dress at the Post Exchange. It was $29 there. If you look at the link above, Dillards has the same dress for $69. WHAT? Yeah, that's right. I totally saved $40 on this. I might have to check out the PX more often! One benefit of being an Army Wife.


  1. It's cute and will do well in the summer humidity! Way to go, PX! I keep thinking I need to shop there more often since I found a super cute LBD there while we were "shopping" for our Fashion Show outfits.

  2. It looks way better on you than on the model. The designer may not have intended it that way, but it looks like this dress was made for curves!