Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Denver, Here I Come!

So, I will be spending a few days in Denver next week. I have some friends and family to visit, but that won't take up all of my time, so I looked up 3 bra boutiques: Treva's, Le Soutien, and SOL. I plan to visit all 3 and see how they do, how the selection is, etc. I really could use another softcup/wireless bra. My Anita is rather stretched out already (it's only a year old!). Although from browsing the websites, I don't know that I'll have much luck finding anything without wires at Le Soutien.

I also went back to the Breakout Bras site today and browsed around. Found a lovely wirefree Panache bra that I will consider ordering if I strike out in Denver.

I know, I owe y'all some bra reviews. I'll see about that once I'm back from my vacation. Until then, let me mention that removing the side boning from my full-figure bras was such a blessing. I can now wear my beautiful Olivia comfortably all day long. 

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